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Located in Oneonta, NY

Photographs featured on this site by:

Kevin Q. Gray   ~    Mike Blakeslee

Creative Imaging Photography

Chad Morey and countless parents and friends

Thank you all!

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Our Characters

The Ice Queen, The Autumn Queen and their friend, the Forest Protector (Sequel)
Ice Queen--Adventure Dress, Spirit Dress, COMING SOON: Festival Dress
Autumn Queen (Formerly the Snow Princess)--Adventure Dress,
COMING SOON: Festival Dress, Queen Coronation Dress
May be booked together or separately.
The Ice Queen and Snow Princess
(Classic and Shorts)
Ice Queen--Classic Ice Dress, Holiday Dress, Summer Birthday Dress and Coronation Dress
Snow Princess--Coronation Dress, Winter Dress, Holiday Dress, Summer Birthday Dress
May be booked together or separately. Note: All of our characters act based on a a post-sequel timeline, regardless of dress selection. 

Princess Estrella, the Unicorn

Princess Rapunzel
Offered with Long Blonde or Short Brunette Hair
The Polynesian Wayfinder
The Little Mermaid