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Plan Your Event!

Hosting an event for kids and families? Have a restaurant or venue that would be perfect for character dining? Planning a fair or festival? Invite our characters to make your next event shine with a princess or two. Check out our types of event interactions to determine what would best suit your needs. Contact Us with questions or if you are ready to book!

If you are planning a private party, such as a birthday,
please visit our birthday parties page.

Planning a charitable event or fundraiser? Click here!


Types of Event Interactions:

Traditional Meet and Greet. Characters meet guests waiting in a line. Interactions last about one minute and include photo ops and Q&A. HCIQ will provide a photo backdrop, or you may use your own company backdrop. Ideal for large events. 


Strolling Interaction. Characters move throughout an event where the guests are strolling, such as a farmers market, fair, or festival. Characters will take photos, sing, and/or interact as they encounter guests in an informal setting. 

Tableside Meet and Greet. Characters move from table to table, greeting seated guests while they dine. Guests make take photographs near their table while characters answer questions. Ideal for restaurants or character dining experiences. 

Sing-Along and Dance Party. Characters lead gathered guests in a scripted sing-along, followed by dance activities and games. Requires an open space and guests gathered at a specific, scheduled time. Usually combined with traditional Meet and Greet. Ideal for ticketed events. 

Storytime and Songs. Characters read and act out stories with interactive elements and built-in sing-alongs. Usually combined with traditional Meet and Greet. Ideal for libraries and schools. 

Tea Party. A combination Tableside Meet and Greet with sing-along, dancing and/or storytime, depending on venue size and layout. Includes simple, prepackaged refreshments such as juice boxes and themed cupcakes. 

Live Stage Show. Characters perform a unique, scripted live show around a theme. Shows include interactive games, live singing, stories, follow-along dancing, and are generally followed by Meet and Greet photo ops.

Parade Appearances. Characters walk or ride on a float or in a vehicle along a designated parade route. Meet and Greet may be added at a specific location after the parade.



Autographs. We'll provide custom cards for characters to sign autographs at any style event. Flat rate per event based on expected attendance.

Coronation Ceremonies. Add individual tiaras for all child guests attending your event. Coronations may be added to any event with a Meet and Greet component, and require a precise headcount. Runs $1.50-$6.00 per child, depending on tiara style (plastic vs rhinestone). Requires minimum one month notice. 

Royal Order Induction. Induct honored guests into a special, event or character-themed royal order or society, such as the "Royal Order of the Rose" or "Fairy Godmother's Secret Society." Guests receive a signed card or certificate with an official seal.


Event Policies

Please read carefully before booking your event. 

Additional Policies outlined in our Performance Agreement upon booking


  • Photography. Hill City Ice Queen never charges for photos in public spaces, and we do not allow our clients to charge individual patrons to take their own photographs. If your event is a ticketed private event, it is assumed that those patrons with a ticket are entitled to take their own pictures. Additional fees may not be charged for photos without special permission (ex. Events with a professional photographer)

  • Weather. Proper accommodations must be provided to the performer. If rain occurs and the event has been scheduled outdoors, it is the responsibility of the client to arrange for an indoor or dry, covered location. In cases of extreme temperatures, please provide a temperature-controlled environment and allow performers additional breaks. Performers may appear in seasonally appropriate costumes at outdoor events.

  • Breaks. Performers must be given a 15 minute break in a private space out of view of guests/patrons at least once every two hours.

  • Advertising. Clients must use only character names and images provided by HCIQ in advertising events at which we will appear.

  • Performer Safety. If ever there is a situation where the performer(s) feels unsafe, they will address with issue with the client. Issues must be resolved or the performers have been instructed to leave. Situations where performers feel unsafe include but are not limited to:

    • Physical violence or threats of violence

    • Verbal or physical abuse, including sexual words or actions

    • Mobbing, grabbing or pulling character costumes or wigs

    • Exceeding fire code limitations for attendance within a space, etc.

  • Additional Characters and Duplication. HCIQ is willing to work with other character companies to provide characters we are unable to offer, such as superheroes. However, in these situations, the client must ensure:

    • That we are aware that other characters will be present, have agreed to the additional characters, and have been given contact information for those individuals or companies so that we can prepare in advance. 

    • That it be clear in advertising, announcements and other event materials precisely which characters were provided by our company. 

    • That no character be present that we offer without first allowing us the opportunity to provide that character. In other words, if the client wants Cinderella at the event, they must allow us to provide her. If our Cinderella is unavailable, we may grant permission for another company to provide the character.

    • That no other adult participant attend dressed as a character we are providing, as this is confusing for the children.​

    • That other character companies follow our advertising and publicity regulations. 

Charitable Events and Fundraisers

We love giving back to the community! 
Charitable events and fundraisers may be eligible for reduced rates or free character appearances, provided we are available and you meet our criteria. However, please understand that we cannot attend all of our charitable requests.

Hospital visits to children are always free provided performers are available, though we appreciate families covering our travel expenses when possible.

Charitable Event Criteria

  • Charitable appearances must benefit children or child-related causes AND the majority of the proceeds must go to the charitable organization.
  • If any other service providers (balloon twisters, face painters, entertainers) are being paid for their services, then we must be paid as well.  

  • Charitable events and free appearances must publicly thank us using the company name and allow us to post signs and/or hand out brochures and business cards.

If you do not meet our event criteria, but still wish to have princesses attend, please consider seeking out an event sponsor to cover the cost of characters!

Charitable Events
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